The Best Superfoods Out There

Nov 02, 2015  
We often miss out great foods which can greatly boost our health when we are cooking at home or ordering at a restaurant. While the quick options like TV dinners certainly save time, they will be compromising on the veggies and the greens which really get your system functioning to its best and which constitute healthy eating. They might require some extra effort but in the long run you will see the health benefits clear as day.


This is a fruit which can be used in so many different ways and it has massive detoxification properties which you can make use of by adding it in your green tea or drinking it in water. It has tons of Vitamin C and it makes your bones sturdier. If that wasn’t enough it also lessens you cholesterol levels and helps you deal with troublesome blood sugar problems. It can also reduce weight when used over a period of time and it makes a brilliant detox all on its own.
Lemons are also good for preventing cancers of various sorts because they deal with removing toxins and wastes from the body especially the intestines. They are also inflammatory in nature so they are good for treating various types of common infection. They can even increase your immunity to them.


This is another super powered food which has more Vitamin K than anything else and since this vitamin is not found in food easily you will do well to eat it at least once a week. Just like lemons it is your best friend against weak bones, osteoporosis as well as various kinds of cancer. The best way to eat it is to boil it because that way you will not be losing any precious nutrients which can easily be evaporated when the vegetable is cooked in other ways.

Dark Chocolate

No one ever says eating chocolate is healthy but dark chocolate certainly is as it reduces blood pressure and helps your body to regulate itself normally. Of course it is no good eating chunks and chunks of it but one ounce every now and then will definitely do you good. The dark chocolate has lots of antioxidants in it which will help you keep your skin fresh and make you the overall picture of health. Last but not least, it is not fattening at all and might be a way to keep the sugar cravings at bay in a safe way.


Whenever we hear about potatoes we automatically associate them with French fries or some other greasy unhealthy food but there are health benefits of eating this vegetable the right way. They are just as good as spinach as they help develop your muscles. You also get plenty of immunity from them to protect against common diseases and lots of Vitamin A as well. If eaten right you won’t need to take Vitamin A supplements at all unless you are severely deficient. They also burn fat which is a fact that is not well known but has been scientifically proven.


Everyone knows fish are great for health and salmon is no exception as it has a lot of Omega 3 Fatty acids which are difficult to find in food if you are not particularly enthusiastic about fish. Salmon fights depression and the occasional blues but it also strengthens your immune system. You are also less likely to get cancer or heart problems if you eat salmon regularly.
Memory loss can also be prevented by the way salmon impacts the functions of the brain. It has even been associated with good IQ in certain studies. Niacin rich, it combats aging and cell breakdown so that is a bonus on top of everything else.


These are often called the healthiest out of all the nuts because of their impact on brain function as well as the sheer amount of Omega 3 fatty acids that are in there and in few other foods apart from fish. They also make your skin and hair brilliant which is just a side benefit apart from the numerous others that arise from eating them. They prevent and treat cancer and they also protect your skin against the horrible effects of the sun along with elevating your mood in the process.